the banks deepen on the surface of the mountain,
nothing that resembles sunlight can enter
with only a thick sheet of mist for sky
hours leap across the faced edge of the boulders
smoothed beneath footsteps, dictating a path to
a clearing in the centre of the highest point.

recapturing my breath
I think of your skin, warm beneath my fingers
as we slept in a time so distant,
the purpose of my journey abandoned.

air jars my tongue, eyes fixed in the frozen drift,
every sound amplifying unwanted thoughts of you
scaling the fresh bones of your new life with whoever
you call to in my place. hours revolve in the thinning
space, thrust behind masks I once wore, bound to days
when I must love you, still keeping

the promise of binding our flesh that broke beneath
the inferno that burnt our bridge to each other.

at this distance memory exists only in my head,
miles and years from you

as I foot the clustered pathway back where
all is unchanged and everything vanishes
but the jagged crown of rock parting the heightening mist.


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