on the last day of a Melbourne Summer, sheets of rain fall
onto Burke Street, storm clouds lifting before returning
stitched to a full sky as thunder rolls like clockwork behind my eyes.
Sophie, you have extinguished the fires that became my mind
amidst flames I have dreamed you into being:
sun and colour wash through you in this summoning of water
your drenched body rising angelic from my skull.
cold wires paint asphalt, washed clean of ash and dying embers.
soon, very soon, love will shift with seasons as I wake-
time will take you from me, fire returning to claim my remains.
here is a moment I will keep. I hold your hand, fingers melding
our bodies as I kiss you a final time to the crackle of flames
looming below us. above, the continued drive-
your lips hands teeth, the rain

were you scared of love that night?
these thorns rooted in the riverbed, dangerously hidden
propelling your fear into a frenzy. there my vices drowned
the ghost behind your eyes,  the surface
of your mind branded only with soft rain and memory.
heat faded slowly from your body as pressure rose towards
the floodplain: we swam blindly, deeper into the oncoming storm.
waiting ahead, your voice almost fell silent under
the wind’s growing echoes
and I was in love with you when you told me I couldn’t be.
a kiss deepened into a disturbance in the water. you grew tired.
darker hours brought their wash of rain to bring floods,
a submergence, collapsing
your shade beneath the wires and streams.

Taken from my forthcoming collection ‘Rain Season’.


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