A great piece by Mark Roberts about the recent plagarism scandal in Australian poetry and a review of the second issue of Regime magazine, in which my poem ‘At the Greyhounds’ was published.

Rochford Street Review

Regime: Magazine of New Writing. Issue 2, 2013.

regime02As much as I would like the whole issue of plagiarism to go away, it appears that the recent scandal is set to haunt us for some time yet. In particular Graham Nunn’s situation has become a tricky one for a number of publishers who are finding that the Nunn poem  they had accepted and published is probably not his at all. Added to the difficulty faced by these publishers in the fact that Nunn isn’t returning their calls – so what is to be done. Well Regime magazine has gone on the front foot – I=in a statement on its website last week called ‘Plagiarism in Regime Magazine’ (http://www.regimebooks.com.au/plagiarism-in-regime-magazine-statement-by-the-editors/) it announced:

Several weeks ago the editors of Regime Magazine were approached with concerns that a poem in the second issue of Regime Magazine was plagiarised. Graham Nunn had…

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