Today I’d like to share a poem by fellow Victorian poet Ashley Capes. The poem, ‘Acceptance Speech’, first published in Pan Magazine, was one of my personal favourites from Ash’s latest collection between giants (Ginninderra Press). I’d urge anyone interested in reading some quality poetry to head over to Ash’s blog and check out his work, particularly his fantastic haiku writing.

Acceptance Speech

actually, while I’m here
I’d like to thank my dentist
for standing up to my recklessness,
even if the remorse
of the sugar-junkie never lasts

so I’d like to thank all the bakeries
and ice-creameries
from across the land too

and my mechanic
for going through all that grease
just to keep me mobile

I want to thank my bank, I suppose
because I’m renting
and can’t tear up the floorboards
for that secret stash
in fact, I don’t even have floorboards

and I can see I’m really running overtime now
so one more thing –
I want to thank my dry cleaner
because my favourite jacket
is always so clean
and never torn
nor stained and we never
have those American-sitcom
arguments about who shrunk what
and everything’s good, everything’s great

I just drop it off and pick it up.

between giants is available from Ginninderra Press. Buy your copy here.


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