Rochford Street Review

Rochford Street Press (publisher of Rochford Street Review) is proud to announce the publication of Pete Spence’s Kynetonbury Tales or Dog Days. This is the first release in a new series of Rochford Street Press chapbooks which will include both new and established writers.

Kynetonbury Tales or Dog Days by Pete Spence. ISBN 978-0-949327-00-0. 12 pages. $7.50

spenceChaucer’s main mistake was that he didn’t make any of his central characters a dog. Pete Spence doesn’t fall into the same trap in his small epic poem Kynetonbury Tales. Full of characters that you will recognise and poetry that will delight and surprise, this is an eagerly awaited publication.

“Pete Spence’s wonderfully eccentric poetry never sits still. Irreverently allusive, Spence’s poems revel in the play and possibilities of language and the imagination.” – Cam Lowe

“Spence is a poet of fraternity –which includes conviviality & melancholy… No wonder his recent poem…

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