Congratulations to Ashley Capes being shortlisted for the Whitmore Press Manuscript Prize 2013!
Ash is a top bloke and a brilliant poet so this is well deserved.
Many other great poets on the list too! If only they could all have their chapbooks published!

Whitmore Press

After much deliberation, we have shortlisted (in alphabetical order) the following poets in the 2013 Whitmore Press Manuscript Prize:

Ashley Capes
Broede Carmody
Dan Disney
Andy Jackson
Julie Maclean
Laura Jean McKay
Carol Millner
Nathan Shepherdson
Ruby Todd
Isi Unikowski

Almost 100 entries were received, many of a very high standard. A number of entries included excellent individual poems, and we wish we could publish an anthology of these works. Our thanks to everyone who submitted.

The winner, whose work will be published in a limited edition chapbook in 2014, will be announced later this month.

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