So we now have work by three more amazing poets up on the archive: Stephen Edgar, Michael Farrell and Corey Wakeling.

Stephen Edgar’s poems on here span his entire career so far and this is a wonderful representation of his work.

Four of Michael Farrell’s poems are being published for the first time on this site, the others taken from several of his collections. And Corey Wakeling’s poems are all previously unpublished. Needless to say, I feel very lucky about this, and hope everyone enjoys these poems as much as I do! Click a name below to read their poems:

Stephen Edgar

Michael Farrell

Corey Wakeling

I can’t thank these poets, and all the others who have gotten on board, for sending me their work and allowing me to put it up on here. The archive is building quite nicely, and its already a good resource for all things contemporary Australian poetry.

More top notch work coming, including poetry by Rhyll McMaster and Ivy Alvarez in the next few days…



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