A fantastic post by Ash Capes. A very interesting thing to think about.

ashley capes

There’s an idea about poetry and poets that’s a little cute, naive even, and one which often comes from people who either don’t write, people who don’t write poetry or sometimes from myth-making poets themselves.

It’s also a bit of a throwback to the Romantic poetic tradition whereby poems ‘spring forth fully formed ’ and are linked endlessly to the ‘divine.’ But it’s also an idea which is uncharitable to the poet, a reductionist idea, one which sometimes removes agency from the writer.

And so in that respect, it’s not cute. It’s insulting.

I’m talking about when poets are described as ‘mad’, ‘fragile’, ‘delicate geniuses’ who are unable to understand or even approach understanding of ‘where the words come from.’ Doing so actually risks de-humanising poets.

Contrary to the above, I believe poets are quite self-aware.

Over the last ten years I’ve been lucky enough to work with dozens and…

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