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4 NEW books from the press in 2015:-

a variety – a point of difference- and they will be for sale through the press…. more news later!

– valli 2015

Tethering Moon, Valli Poole, 2013 2013 publication “TETHERING MOON” by VALLI POOLE

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Southerly Journal: four more excursions into poetry & bodies

Among the Regulars

Last month, I was the guest blogger for Southerly Journal.  For those of you who missed it, I made various attempts at hacking through the dense undergrowth around poetry, form, embodiment and otherness (as is my wont).  I won’t reproduce the posts here, but here are some teasers and the links…  Thanks to Tessa Lunney and David Brooks at Southerly for their support and kind words.


1. Normal Land: Poetry, Disability and Solidarity (by way of Ian Dury and Quippings)

The more I immersed myself in poetry – reading it, writing it, performing it – the more I began to feel that poetry derived its power from the bodily experience of solidarity. The Macquarie Dictionary defines solidarity as “union or fellowship arising from common responsibilities and interests” or “community of interests, feelings, purposes”.7 Solidarity is complex, especially because what is “common” is not always obvious. Solidarity can…

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The Australian Poetry Podcast – Episode 001: Interview with Andrew Burke

It has happened. The first episode of The Australian Poetry Podcast has gone live.

Co-hosted by myself and Nathan Honros, the first episode features legendary Australian poet Andrew Burke being interviewed and reading a few of his beautiful poems. Nathan and I also talk about what’s going on in the poetry world briefly.

The podcast will be recorded and ‘broadcast’ fortnightly. There are also accompanying show notes.

It can be downloaded on iTunes here.


‘7 Years’ Available Now!

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For a little while now I’ve been working with Ginninderra Press on a new release – it’s a small collection for their new series ‘Pocket Poets’ – which features slender chapbooks comprising around 20 poems, with each title featuring a single poet. My entry to the series (#37) is called 7 Years and is something of a mini ‘selected works’.


For 7 Years I drew out a handful of poems from each of my preexisting collections and included a few uncollected pieces at the end too. It was enormous fun to put together! I love the idea of the Pocket Poets, it’s a great way to sample the work of a poet at an ace price and the neat ‘regular’ envelope size makes it so easy to ship!


Once again, I’d like to thank Stephen and also Brenda for being so fantastic to work with and putting together a great…

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