Chris Palazzolo is a novelist, poet and video store clerk who lives in Perth, Western Australia, with his wife and two children.

To Helen

Think back to the day we first meet –
on the Safety Bay beachfront beneath the pines;
me, an incongruous wraith in tobacco-fumed black
and black mushroom-mop hair; you,
a watchful beachside stroller,
sandals in hand, quite in your element
in your denim shorts and blue tank-top
floppy straw hat with blue ribbon and bow.
Blue seabird meets black alleycat by the beach.
The seabird can fly away if she wants. She doesn’t.

It is early Spring. A seabreeze pushes
silly cottonbuds overhead, quick shadows
run the grass where we meet and talk.
We will be a couple –
we will go down to the shore and stroll
meandering terraces of seaweed along the sand.


This poem was taken from Chris’ collection Unhoused (Regime Books). My sincere thanks to him for allowing me republish it on here.


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