Jo Langdon is a PhD candidate at Deakin University, and the author of a chapbook of poems, Snowline (Whitmore Press 2012).


for Autumn Royal






Here the light leaves you,
& slowly

snow is coming down
sideways to the street.

You have been written out
of small histories

& now want to talk
about zoo animals in winter.

In the Tiergarten, a wallaby
still in falling snow

its small, dense body hiding

& what you would have made
of this
with someone to tell.

Air alters at dusk; mountains
darken, shift nearer to
the sun.

The light leaves you here.

Pevensey Street

These north-facing windows frame
a weird architecture of slate & silver:

curvature of chimneys;
satellite skeletons,
reptilian, flattened.

Below a green sling of hill
the shore of foam & shell
sunlicked, littered.

Children feed handfuls of beach
to the sea; imagine turquoise waters &

beneath a lid of salt
curious fish, their glass bones
almost hidden.

(Above, sky
chalked with white, the jet already gone

Falling back to sleep

A hallucination of snow
against the glass pane.

This dream fills your mouth
like a sentence.


Notes on the poems:

‘Felt’: first published in ETZ no. 5; ‘Hauptbahnhof’: first published in Mascara Literary Review, issue 13.

‘Zoo’, ‘Pevensey Street’, and ‘Falling back to sleep’: from Snowline (Whitmore Press, 2012).

My sincere thanks to Jo for sending me these stunning poems and allowing me to republish them on this website.


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