Mark William Jackson’s work has appeared in various print and electronic journals, including Best Australian Poems (2011), Popshot (UK), Going Down Swinging, Cordite, The Diamond & The Thief and SpeedPoets.
His website is

The Frequency of God

At a trash ‘n’ treasure market,

in an average town,

an old radio

encased in bakelite.

Plugged in and

waiting for the valves to warm

I took to the dial with a frothing sense of urgency,

twisting past horse races and rock and roll,

past right wing commentary,

searching for the frequency of God,

long lost in digital audio,

sure to be found

in the silver soldered

magic of a romanticised time.

And there

at the end

of the amplitude modulated band,

megahertz away from any generic noise,

a perfect silence.

Sometimes Days

Sometimes days

paint by numbers,

pulling you within the lines

and brushing its ordinary shades,

but, colours no less;

say the sun is yellow,

is flat but true,

skies are inevitably blue,

etc. etc.

but a first walk?

you can have many of them,

every day.

And the first time

you see the sun,

every morning.

And the first time

you hold a loved one.

And the first time

you say goodbye.

Sometimes days

can be ordinarily wonderful.

Carrying the Child

i held the child but was also

contained within him

lost / trapped because

he was me

a child forced

into adulthood by

splintered family         & expected

to somehow mend   but

too young to

play with glue

the adult me

dragged from the future

into the shadowed mind

of the child me

the spectre of reality

forcing the child’s mind

to move aside for the adult’s


‘The Frequency of God’ was first published in Windmills (Fifth Edition, November 2010) and subsequently published in The Best Australian Poems (Black Inc. 2011). ‘Sometimes Days’ and ‘Carrying the Child’ are published here for the first time. My since thanks to Mark for allowing me republish and publish these on here.


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